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Persistent Thoughts, Arguments and Symbols

Ed Burke - Peekskill NY Studio - Celestial Tea Pot painting

Ed Burke - Peekskill NY Studio.

The three paintings titled "Master Card," "Visa Card," and "Amex Card" are a reflection of my thoughts and concerns regarding the impact of government, religion, and economic models on the environment and humanity. The paintings' content has evolved from persistent thoughts, arguments, and symbols playing out in my mind, much like a commercial jingle or phrase stuck in one's head. 


The paintings represent a shift in my creative process and the intention of my art. I no longer interpret the world around me from direct observation, the mind's eye, and the id. Instead, new ideas, gestures, and symbols demand attention from my nagging thoughts and concerns. 


The recurring symbols in the paintings convey the conundrum of manufacturing the economy versus providing a healthy environment. The three factory smokestacks, shown active with billowing smoke and other times dormant, represent whether we can improve our economy without damaging our environment. It's a thought-provoking question that will inspire viewers to consider their role in creating a sustainable future.

Master Card paintng by Edward Burke  Acrylic / Canvas   30" x 40"

"Master Card"   Acrylic / Canvas   30" x 40".

"Visa Card" painting by Edward A. Burke  Acrylic / Canvas   30" x 40"MasterCard_2008.jpg

"Visa Card"   Acrylic / Canvas   30" x 40".

"Amex Card" painting by Ed Burke  Acrylic / Canvas   30" x 40"

"Amex Card"   Acrylic / Canvas   30" x 40".

"Red Dot, Green Dot" and other paintings in this collection are part of a group of paintings designed to interact with each other conceptually. Each painting has its unique aesthetic and content, but their impact and significance are intensified when grouped together. It's fascinating to think that these paintings may never be seen together again, residing in different locations, yet always connected by their intentionally intertwined relationship. 


The idea is to view these paintings as stills from a film, where the compositional elements, or the cast of characters, can move and change, reinvent themselves, or new characters may enter the frame. The paintings are like outtakes from a film.

"Envirofacturing Green Dot" painting by Ed Burke

"Envirofacturing Green Dot"   Acrylic / Canvas   30" x 40".

"Envirofacturing Red Dot"  Acrylic painting on canvas by Edward Burke

"Envirofacturing Red Dot"   Acrylic / Canvas   30" x 40".

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