Exhibit Schedules

"I Am the Problem – Solo Exhibit

Ridgefield Library Gallery

472 Main St, Ridgefield, CT
(203) 438-2282



"The journey of visual art starts with a meager expression or marks on a surface much like ones signature it is an innate physical gesture to communicate who we are. Over time artist build upon and extended this basic visual “vocabulary” to expand our communication reach. I have come to realize, when I am struggling with a new creation, trying to find a way forward with the work, inevitably, I will rely on or revert back to that very basic set of vocabulary marks.”







"Arc of the Moral Universe"  a notebook project

A Collaborative Project - Directed by Carla Rae Johnson

"Ranting & Raving with a Pencil"


Travailing exhibit locations and schedules:


Greenberg Public Library, Elmsford, NY, Jan-Feb 2020

Field Library Gallery, Peekskill, March/April 2020

Hudson Valley MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Peekskill, NY

Tompkins County Library, Ithaca, NY Sept-Nov. 2020 (Co-sponsored by Saltonstall Foundation)

Ossining Public Library, Ossining, NY: Nov 2020 and the Main Gallery April 2022.

Orseman Art Gallery, Larchmont Public Library, July-Aug 2021





Edward Burke, Just Like Summer Camp, Pencil, Notebook 5' x 8"


"Colorless and Odorless"  Solo Exhibition

WCC Gallery - a review by Peter Malone


Opening Reception September 6, 2019 6 - 8 PM

Hankin Academic Arts Building – Fine Arts Gallery
75 Grasslands Rd, Valhalla, NY 10595



September 3 – October 4


Ed Burke has established a long career as a painter and teacher, while earning his living as a graphic designer.  His most recent work focuses on environmental issues such as increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, and how modern habits of consumption contribute to our current environmental crisis.

Exhibit Outline




"I Am the Problem"  Solo Exhibition

Gallery 287

Opening Reception June 28 2019. 5:30pm

287 Main St. Danbury, Connecticut 06810
Phone 203-798-0760   Email info@cawct.org

June 28 – August 23

This exhibit is a amalgam of drawings and paintings dealing with the issue of over consumption and pollution of the air, sea and land.

Exhibit Outline

Edward Burke, Plastic Spring Water, acrylic/canvas, 30" X 40”

"Joseph Zito – Plus Ten"  Collaborative Group Exhibit

Lennon & Weinberg

514 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001
Phone 212-941-0012   Email info@lennonweinberg.com

May 17 – August 17, 2018

The "Plus Ten" exhibit derived from Mr. Zito's beekeeping, in which he saw a perfectly calibrated, though fragile, example of environmental and social infra-structure and a satisfying metaphor to generate a body of work. Originally intending to make a series of sculptures in the form of exquisite beehives constructed in exotic woods, he realized after making the first one that as much as it satisfied an H. C. Westermann-meets-Donald Judd axis present in his work, it was inherently limited as simply craft and lacking an expressive component.

So he chose to invoke the social imperative of the bee colony by inviting ten artist friends to collaborate with him. He made for each of them an impeccable clear pine hive, a stack of one deep and one medium compartment of the Langstroth type, and asked them to do something, anything at all, to embellish them and allow him to make their beehives part of “his” exhibition. The results express both individuality and community.

The collaborating artists are Carolanna Parlato, Eric Brown, Jill Moser, Marthe Keller, Damon Brandt, Edward Burke, Gary Mayer, Glenn Goldberg, Jim Lee andKatherine Bowling. The exhibition also includes four of Zito’s own beehive sculptures, along with watercolors and two paintings on unstretched canvas drop-cloths


Edward Burke, Collorless & Orderless, acrylic/wood,

 Narrative and Copy Writing by Suzanne Ingrao

Copyright © 2019 Edward A. Burke              

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