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Edward A. Burke

Adventures With AI 


"A Human and an AI walk into a bar a nanosecond apart; the human announces, I have a great idea for an artwork, to which the AI replies so do I. Well, the human says, tell me your artwork idea first...."



  1. Created an original drawing based on the premise of AI reaching a singularity.

  2. Create context writing for the drawing and concept

  3. Provide instruction and input for AI to create a drawing based on the same premise

  4. Instructions are given to ChatCPT to create a written context for its AI drawing.


I created a drawing based on the premise that artificial intelligence reached a singularity and decided that human life was unnecessary. In the drawing, I playfully created text, plagiarizing Shakespeare's intellectual property and creating a soliloquy lamenting the passing of human life.  





"Requiem For Humans" is a drawing that delves into the intersection of human existence and the ever-advancing realm of artificial intelligence. Much like Shakespeare's Hamlet contemplated the fleeting nature of human life, my drawing reimagines these musings from the perspective of AI, or rather, A.I.Speare, in this case.


Alas, poor humans ... Continue

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