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Dead BeeTradigital NFT Artwork By Edward A. Burke

"Dead Bee," Tradigital NFT Artwork, speaks to Colony Collapse Disorder and the dying off of the bee population worldwide. These creations and other traditional art and exhibits stem from my investigation of how rising CO2 levels contribute to the die-off of bees. Researchers found that rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere from manufacturing have caused a dramatic reduction of protein in pollen. The lack of protein in this vital food source for honey bees has reduced their reproduction ability significantly. This reduction in bees will considerably impact food resources; bees help provide approximately 60% of man's agricultural foods.


ARTIST: theOtherEd

TITLE: Dead Bee

DATE: 2022

MEDIUM: *Tradigital

TOOLS USED: Acrylic Paint, Graphite, Canvas, Computer


PRINT: Mono Print 36" x 45"

Painting Currently Available for Purchase

TITLE: Plastic Sea

ARTIST: Edward A. Burke

DATE: 2012

MEDIUM: Acrylic Paint on Canvas


PRICE: $6,500



The pictorial content and composition of "Plastic Sea*" evolved from a documentary video detailing ocean pollution's profound impact. The video with Anna Cummins, Executive Director and co-founder of 5 Gyres, describes the massive amount of garbage floating around the world's oceans. Although they are not huge islands, as suggested by some media sources, the problem has become increasingly severe. The materials, primarily plastic, break down into plankton size particles and are then consumed by sea life. However, the destructive impact of this pollution is not restricted to sea life alone. We are now consuming our pollutants and the resulting toxins in seafood. So as reported by Cummins, the devastating environmental ocean problems we have created began occupying my thoughts and dreams. Finally emerged in my drawings and culminated in paintings such as Plastic Sea.

* This work was selected for the Katonah Museums Biennale Exhibit 2016.
** Anna Cummins, Executive Director and co-founder of 5 Gyres Institute (Greater Los Angeles Area, April 2010)

Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 4.33.44 PM.png

NOTE: This artwork is a painting on stretched canvas shipped in a crate or protective carton. Shipping and Handling within the United States are accounted for in the pricing.

If you have questions about this artwork or the cost of shipping outside the U.S., don't hesitate to contact my studio.


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